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Known for our excellent customer service, Action Apparel, Inc. has been providing companies throughout Waltham with our custom apparel services. The close proximity to our headquarters in Stoneham has allowed us to grow our brand with various industries in Waltham.

Why Choose Action Apparel?

  • Personal service that is unique to each of the industries we serve
  • Competitive and discount pricing
  • Unlimited selection of quality clothing and apparel from our 100 manufacturers
  • We help to save your program time and money

With 50 years of experience, we are always growing and changing who we provide our high-quality uniform services to.

Waltham Industries We Serve

For Waltham companies look to enhance their current brand or start fresh, contact the experts at Action Apparel, Inc.! Our team is ready for your company’s next project, whether it be custom uniform or swag for a trade show, we’re ready to get started! Learn more about our custom uniforms, apparel and products by filling out our online form or calling us at (781) 224-0777.

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