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man in jacketIf you are looking to purchase a new winter coat, you’ll have the decision between an insulated jacket that is made with synthetic or down insulation. The decision of insulation will immediately affect how your coat performs in the various conditions of winter. The type of insulation material you go with will affect the price, weight, warmth and water resistance of the coat. Here are the pros and cons of, both, the down and synthetic insulated coats.

Down Insulated Jacket

When it comes to the down insulated jacket, there is a common misunderstanding that is made up of bird feathers. Down is made up of the plumage that can be found under the exterior feathers on birds like ducks and geese. There are some products that will use a combination of feathers and down. Down is very lightweight, durable and breathable, which makes it ideal for cold and dry conditions. When wet, down will clump up easily and lose its insulation power. This makes it a less desirable option if you’ll be in an area with heavy precipitation. While it can last for decades, down requires special cleaning, isn’t hypoallergenic, is more expensive and takes longer to dry.

Synthetic Insulated Jacket

When it comes to colder climates that endure heavy rain and snow, synthetic insulated jackets are ideal. They are extremely water resistant and will keep you warm during these wet and messy conditions. Compared to down jackets, they are less expensive and are also hypoallergenic. While this type of jacket is great if you are avoiding animal products, they are heavier and bulky. They end up being less warm and durable than the down option. When folded or packed away, a synthetic insulated jacket will lose a bit of its insulation ability.

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