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High Visibility Safety Workwear

Action Apparel offers a huge selection of High Visibility & Enhanced Visibility Workwear from all of the leading manufacturers in the industry. We carry all the leading brand names: Occunomix, ERB Safety, Tingley, Carhartt, Red Kap, Dickies, Tri Mountain, Game, Cornerstone By Port Authority, and Charles River Apparel to name a few. From Non ANSI enhanced visibility garments and vests for improved visibility to ANSI Class 2 and ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Workwear, we have it all.

Action Apparel, through our manufacturing partners at Red Kap & Dickies have the ability to customize most any uniform pants, jackets, coveralls and shirts to create a custom Enhanced Visibility uniform, utilizing a wide assortment of reflective striping tapes. We can create a truly custom Enhanced Visibility uniform program for most any work place application.

Your decision for High Visibility Workwear selection should be based on the environment that you plan to wear the garment, the work or tasks being done, and the distance and speed of moving vehicles in comparison to the worker or worksite.

The guidelines outlined in ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 explain that the three garment classes are based upon the level of risk in a particular work environment. This includes the wearer’s activities and the total square inches of High Visibility, florescent and reflective materials. This standard provides guidelines for selection and use of High Visibility apparel such as safety vests, rainwear, outerwear, shirts, and headwear to improve worker visibility during the day and night. The dissimilarity between woven and knit materials, as well as the inclusion of headwear items smoothed out the new revision as opposed to the 1999 guidelines. A person designated by an employer to be responsible for worker safety (Safety Manager) around hazard areas, equipment, and traffic, is responsible for making the selection of the appropriate class of garment.

ANSI Class 1
This category applies to workers who are in low risk/low impact areas. These workers are usually completing tasks away from traffic and working areas where motor vehicles and equipment do not exceed 25 mph. Examples include parking lot attendants, shopping cart attendants, delivery services, warehouse personnel working with equipment, roadside maintenance, and any other off-road types of work.

ANSI Class 2
Who typically wears ANSI Class 2? Roadway construction workers, survey crews, railway workers, ship cargo loading, delivery vehicle drivers, airport baggage handlers and ground crew, forestry workers, trash collection & recycling, parking & toll-gate personnel, law enforcement, emergency response, accident site investigators, utility workers, school crossing guards. This class is required for workers whose risks exceed that of Class 1. This class applies to personnel who are working in close proximity to traffic and around heavy traffic, and are performing tasks that divert their attention from approaching traffic at speeds of more than 25 mph. This class is required for jobsites where a high level of visibility is needed, a wide range of weather conditions are present, and complex backgrounds are present.

ANSI Class 3
Who typically wears ANSI Class 3? Highway maintenance & construction vehicle operators, utility workers, towing, survey crews, flaggers and emergency personnel, accident site, and firefighters. ANSI Class 3 is required for workers who are in the highest risk situations facing high task loads and serious hazards such as nighttime work situations that can often divert attention. These workers are exposed to higher speed traffic, are clearly placed in danger with reduced site distances. The worker must be conspicuous through a full range of body motions at a minimum of 1,280 feet. ANSI Class 3 is required for job sites where the highest level of visibility is needed, a wide range weather conditions are present, and the site contains complex backgrounds.

ANSI Class E
This category applies to garments such as trousers, bib overalls, and shorts that meet all minimum requirements for background material and retro-reflective striping. These garments are designed to be worn with either Performance class 2 or class 3 apparel. When class E trousers are worn with other apparel – Class 2 or 3, the overall classification shall be Performance Class 3.

Enhanced Visibility
This garment type is for workers who are working in the lowest risk environment but would like to benefit from a sense of heightened awareness and security. This apparel can be effective in low light conditions but not nighttime conditions. Enhanced visibility items are not ANSI compliant! There is not enough nighttime visibility, or body fabric, and reflective striping to meet the standard. Who could benefit from enhanced visibility?

Action Apparel offers customizable service when it comes to enhanced visibility reflective trim on your garments. There are several color options and widths of reflective trim that can be selected for your shirts, jackets, vests, coveralls, and pants. Trim options include widths from 1” to 2.5”. You can choose from reflective silver, yellow, orange, or a combination of two colors.

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  • Joe P, Worcester

    Jack has always been attentive to our unique needs. I can't imagine using anybody else for our uniforms!"

    Jack P. - Worcester


    Jack P. - Worcester

    Jack has always been attentive to our unique needs. I can’t imagine using anybody else for our uniforms!”

    Pam W. – Charlestown

    Action Apparel's customer service is second-to-none! I want to specifically thank Pam for helping me out with an urgent order."

    Pam W. - Charlestown


    Pam W. - Charlestown

    Action Apparel’s customer service is second-to-none! I want to specifically thank Pam for helping me out with an urgent order.”

    Steve T. – Danvers

    I've been using Action Apparel for years and the support they provide is exemplary. I will always use Action Apparel!"

    Steve T. - Danvers


    Steve T. - Danvers

    I’ve been using Action Apparel for years and the support they provide is exemplary. I will always use Action Apparel!”
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