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All employees who work in a company that mandates a uniform know they can sometimes be a pain. You can lose them, you can get them dirty, and wear and tear will inevitable take its toll eventually. At Action Apparel Inc, we work closely with companies to help them with their uniform and apparel program and make sure they get the best quality and materials for their budget. If you work for a company where you are responsible for the maintenance of your work uniform, take these tips from us!

  • Try To Get Multiple Uniforms: If you can get more than one uniform (ideally 2 or 3 from your employer) then you are in luck. By getting multiple uniforms you can stretch the lift out them to last longer. If you happen to misplace one, you’ll have a back up plan in case you cant find it in time.
  • Treat Stains Right Away: If you notice a stain on your clothing try to treat it right away. Even if it is just padding it with a wet paper clothe, you’ll reduce the amount of damage that the stain will cause. Try to get it washed right away, but applying some water will help at first.
  • Follow The Instructions: This one is a no brainer, but sometimes people overlook it. When it is time to wash your uniforms (if it is your responsibility to do so) make sure you follow the proper washing instructions found in the tag in the back. This way you aren’t actually hurting the condition of your uniform when you think you are actually cleaning it.

If you are a company looking to begin a uniform program for your employees, browse our catalogs here.

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