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You’ve decided its time to make an investment into your company, employees, and brand. It is time for your company to design a company uniform. This is an exciting step for any small business. We’ve talked in the past why its great to have logos on your employees uniforms and designing uniforms for your company is a fun and exciting time. But before you jump into any designing or planning, key these factors in mind:


You should consider the type of work your employees perform on a day-to-day basis. Do they need hi-visibility gear  and safety uniforms? Or is a more relaxed causal fit more inline with your companies image? You’ll want to make sure your employees are comfortable in their daily uniforms. Action Apparel carries a wide range of apparel for any type of functionality your business demands.

Keep Your Brand In Mind

What type of customers do you serve? How do they typically dress when your employees interact with them? Action Apparel carries corporate apparel and sportswear for companies that have a business casual look. You’ll want a company uniform that is consistent with your brand uniform.

Listen To Your Employees

You should encourage feedback from the most important people in your company, your employees. After all, they will be the ones wearing your uniform every day. The most successful uniform programs we see are ones that involve the employees in the decision making process. We can provide samples to show your employees and hear what they have to say.


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