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action apparel staffWhen it comes to your smaller, local uniform company, two of the most important things that make it up are the personal relationships formed and the dedication to the job. Often times, larger companies don’t take the time to address the issues at hand, with the Action Apparel staff, we make it a priority.  While we’re seeing to the needs of our customers, we’re also developing personal relationships as well.

Companies looking to purchase uniforms for their employees have various options. With a mail order method, typically, the company is located in a distant city and the uniform is shipped. This means you need to wait for the uniform to arrive and wait if you need any issues corrected. At Action Apparel, when you have a uniform issue, you’re able to walk right into our office and speak to someone on our team.

Your local uniform company is going to work with you to ensure that your employees uniforms fit comfortable and are true to size. For those who work in public safety, your company may give you the specifications and leave it up to you to obtain your uniform. For police officers, it’s vital you have a uniform that fits correctly or it could put at risk while on the job. With a larger company, you need to send your uniform to them, wait for the issue to be addressed and for the corrected uniform to be sent back. Even then, you’re not guaranteed that your uniform is going to fit correctly. Your local uniform company can amend your uniform problem right away and make sure you are ready for a safe day at work!

At Action Apparel, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we have created and maintained with our clients. From construction workers to restaurant and food service, there’s no industry that we won’t work with to provide a uniform for. If you are interested in purchasing a custom uniform, contact us today! We can be reached by calling us (781) 224-0777 or by filling out our online form.

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