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For service based businesses such as, electricians, contractors, painters, there’s no better free advertising than having your employees be seen in public performing great work. When talking to small business owners, we hear time and time again that referrals are one of their largest sources of work. That’s why at Action Apparel, we believe it is crucially important to have your employees be in uniforms with your company logo on them. If you are in a neighborhood performing services for a week. You’ll have countless opportunities to expose your brand to others who may be in need of that same service.

Here are some other reasons why its important to have your company logo on your employee’s uniforms:

  • Create A Professional Brand

For better or worse, service professionals are also judged on appearance in their workplace, which is often peoples homes or properties. By having a clean professional logo on your uniforms, you are putting your best foot forward in the work place.

  • Employee Benefits

By providing employee uniforms with logos on them, you are saving your employees money. This can also set you apart from other service providers that you compete with if they make employees by their uniforms.

  • Promote Company Pride

By creating attractive company uniforms with logos, your employees are likely to wear them outside the work place too. We’ve seen companies design awesome sweatshirts, hoodies, t shirts, long sleeve t’s and more. Employees wear t these outside of the workplace with pride. Additionally, its a great source to advertise to potential employees.

  • Security & Employee Identification

As we mentioned, for service providers many work is done inside a person’s home. By providing identifiable uniforms to your employee’s you can put homeowners at ease knowing that everybody on their property is supposed to be there. For larger projects, you could have a s many as 10-15 employees at a property at the same time. Being able to identify who is supposed to be there working on the project is a huge plus for a homeowner.

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